Podcast Email #9



I have been meaning to e-mail you about the TV interview that the Washington D.C. TV station.

It's pretty cool that you have been getting this type of attention because of your podcast.

If that TV station sends/gives you a copy of the interview, it would be great if you could put it up as sort of a video podcast, especially since Apple released the video iPod.

On that obnoxious truck driver at the truck stop, it may be that he spends too much time using his CB radio or may never learned how to properly conduct himself socially.

Stay safe and keep up the great work,

Tom: Received latest podcast via iTunes re PayPal and listening right
now on my iPod at my favorite coffee shop. Hope you can resolve the

Hi Tom:

I was reading your blog and your comment about AOL. I have to say screw AOL too. I had a free 45 day trial and then I tried to cancel it. They hung up on me three times and it took over an hour to cancel. So I have to agree, screw AOL. anyway, take care. This is Michael from Sacramento, over and out.

I have heard of you around the podosphere, and I just noticed you were in
our town for a bit at the truck stop not but 10 min from my house. You were
in Bloomington, IL home of us HYPERLINK "" and our friends HYPERLINK "" and HYPERLINK "" If you pass through this area again let us know, and
keep up the good work!


I finally put a new show up Check it out and let me know what you think.

You might remember me from Ask My I changed my format and name.

Make’m Smile!


hi tom, well, still cant get your podcast 2005 -10-10 but, have managed to recieve your latest pod today pod date 2005-10-18. the problem is, if i dont keep the curser running round the screen with the mouse, the podcast stops and wont continue until I move the mouse. my computor expert not turned up yet. many regards, Malcolm Leigh Ettridge.

My truck pictures web page was updated. Here's the link to the new page, #8. It has trucks from Yugoslavia, Maine, Texas...

...rue-ant my good mood! Sorry about PayPal tho'

You helped me figure out the RF problem. I made a
cable out of a TV cable. That didn't help but
it eliminated one possibility.

As I'm listening to your podcast right now (you're
talking about the iPod video) ...I agree, BTW. I
believe a few podcasters might do a short segment
to offer a visual perspective, but too much work
and bandwidth to be ongoing. I think audio will
always reign supreme...

Oh, as I was saying, I can hear the same little
glitches in your podcast as I was hearing in
mine. So maybe it's my sound card. But, ya know
Tom, as long as my transmission guality is good,
I'm happy as a clam.

I added a couple of new webpages:

I'm working with a couple clients as we speak.

Seeya Ol' Friend. Thanks for all your help.
Listen to my latest Podcast:

Just wanted to let you know that Gmail does actually let you access it from a pop3 email program if you want to.

Your friend,

Dennis Guten

Tom; All's right with the world. I now seem to be receiving all of
your podcasts ok. Incidentally, if you get bored on a long, quiet
stretch of the highway, you can now download podcasts of "Guiding
Light" according to yesterdays WSJ.

Hi Guys. Just dropping a line to let everyone know I am down for the count on my podcast hobby. My computer has a serious problem of over heating and crashing again. This time a quick fix won't do. I think the fan is totally shot on the board. It will start but as soon as it does anything more then have a browswer windo open, it overheats real bad then crashes. I talked to Dell about the problem and they said it's most likely the fan and the age combination.

I agree with them. Its an older computer now and I've beat thecrap out of it. I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did. I asked Dell about repairs and since it's out of warranty I have to have dell outside repair services repair it. I was told for $358 they would more or less rebuild the computer. They would replace everything except the monitor and battery. Replace whatever was broken. This isnt a bad deal i guess. I paid $749 for it brand new a year and a half ago so to get a more or less new laptop for less then half the price doesn't sound bad to me. I just need to get the $$$. I am working on something and hopefully I should have it done inside a month.

I also wont be going to the podcast convention like I wanted to. I was informed by my daughter that I have to be home on teusday the 8th to go to her concert. I told her I would be there. Family is more important than podcasting! Plus I have to go get a checkup at the doctors office. I haven't been to the docs in over 6 months, so I figured It's about time.

I have a new battery on the way from an online store for my cellphone so I should be able to at least talk once in a while on the phone section of the slapcast site. It should be home when I get there...I hope!

Anyway, This is getting a bit expensive having to use the friggin pay kiosk so I think I will end it here. Hope everyone is doing good and I will see everyone later


Hi Tom. I was catching up on my listening of podcasts today since I was
with out a Ipod for 2 weeks and I heard your podcast where you talked
about the Ipod with video. I just wanted to comment that one argument
you made concerning Apple wanting you to purchase Quick Time Pro for $29
to convert video to put on the new Ipod is indeed steep, especially if
you just whopped down $300 for an Ipod. They should include it with the
Ipod. There is a freeware program called Videora Converter, it's at and they just released a version
especially for converting video for the Ipod with video. I've tried it
and it works great. I purchased the new Ipod when it came out because I
had sold my Ipod Photo 30 gig about 2 weeks ago in hopes of purchasing
the new Ipod Nano. I then held my purchase to hear what Apple was going
to announce on 10/12. When they announced the Ipod with video 30 gig for
$299 I figured I'd just get that one. I don't know how often I'm going
to watch video but It's good to know it's there when I want to.
Have a good day.

From Rich in Massachusetts....

One of my favorite TV shows from back in the 70's was one called "Movin' On".

Each week, it followed the adventures of Sonny & WIll as they travelled the
country in their big rig.

Perhaps you and the other drivers who are listening to this Podcast will
remember that show.

I'm including some pictures of Sonny's big Kenworth sleeper along with the
theme song from the show.

There are several 'fan sites' for "Movin On", so it appears that the show
still has a following after all these years.

I hope you enjoy this piece of nostalgia from the 70's.

Rich >>
Here's a link to one of the many fan sites:


I saw your site from Google today. I like what your writing, etc. (esp about Hillary, LOL) Hey, I'm a driver as well and want to know if you'll exchange links with my site? Add it here: if you want. My homepage is:


Bill Gordon

hi thomas, from a wet damp dark nottingham 9-15pm saturday. your pod 10--20 did not materialise. feel sure the problem is my comp. Bought a mobile [ cell phone to you ] yesterday. it has a built in radio, but fm. only. I usually listen to am. [ b.b.c. radio 5 live ] no music at all here, just general topical news and sensible chit chat. Bit like cnn. price was 40 uk pounds [ $70 ] A couple of blogs i,ve read both from usa;; new--be and wannabee truckers voicing their hopes and fears about joining the trucking industry. the training programme, the driving test, and OTR with a trainer for 4 ----5 weeks. Interesting ,and sometimes quite funny.Shaffer is often mentioned, and is highly regarded, as opposed to england ,werner hunts and more.The other blog is very similar to yours;;; going round and round usa and being away from home. The problems he encounters and how he attempts to solve them. Difference is, he is an airline pilot. Flies Airbus A320, but DOES NOT say which airline. Well, if you read the blog, I,m not suprised.Like, landing in Burbank,Ca. full load, wet runway. Wow, better go greyhound. Do you read blogs? Do you have the time. You have e.mails worldwide, yet mine are answered promptly. Thanks for that Tom. A couple of questions;; do you have 2 weeks off for holiday [vacation ]? If so, what, stay at home. What winter weather do you have in your home town? Not sure where you live, but I accept the fact you may want to keep it private. It,s 79*F in Nevada, I,m tempted to go, but NOT on that bloggers airline. Time is 10-20pm. Coffee,bite to eat, hour of tv. Then crash-out[bed] cheers for now. regards to you and your fellow citizens in usa. Malcolm Ettridge.

Hey Tom... I wrote you about a month ago... to let you know I had seen the article about you in Spirit mag on Southwest airlines. Anyway, I have 4 copies of that magazine if you want them. If not, I'll just dump them. No problem either way. Just say the word!

Hi tom,

I really liked those hd samples. looks great on my pc.
here are some photos I took of trucks here in norway, these are my cousins, he uses them to haul haybales all over norway. instad of one long trailer, the tracktor itself is longer and holds the first box, and the second trailer is towed. this is more typical because of the smaller roads here, and the need for tigher turns. Notice the "moose" catcher on the front. this prevents the radiator and other components from being damaged in the event of a collision with a moose, a fairly common occurence here.

as far as the apple video is concerned. well I dont care for retail tv much either, but the ability to view my own stuff would be nice. that is what I thought about getting a sony psp for, but the psp has no harddrive, sony had some proprietary format as well but they put out a free utility to convert, nero has added a converter as well.
video codecs have held things back a bit with video, a few years ago, I thought divx would become widely adopted, and at least here in europe, you can buy dvd players that also play divx, and there are a few portable video players that play divx. but nothing is universal the way mp3 has become.

one thing you did not mention about video podcasting was the bandwidth required.

personally I would like to see sony ad a harddrive to the psp, that combined with the built in wifi would give you a platform that could do music video games and internett. the only limitation would be batttery time. the screen on the psp in my opinion is great and fine for video while traveling.

also you mentioned I think the apple 60gb ipod with video was 500 dollars, I checked and it was 400 dollars.

since I am here in norway, I probably would pay 1.99 for episodes if it was something I wanted to see, and without commercials. actually I would really love to be able to download football games, or hockey. but that would not view well on a ipod screen.

anyhow the more things we keep wishing out of these small devices keeps bringing us back in cost and functionality to a device that is already with us today, a good laptop pc.

I saw a device called slingbox in a magazine, that lets you stream video from your cable tv to your laptop anywhere in the world, I would like to get one for a friend back in the US so I could watch american tv over here.

also I may drive a semi truck soon for the first time. here in norway as long as the truck driver has had a liscense over 5 years, I am allowed to drive. so my cousin will take me out sometime soon. he also saves on his hours this way.

leaving tommorrow for moscow.


Tom: Have not received a podcast from you since Charlotte NC. I know
you are very busy but was wondering if my iTunes server is acting up
again. They just did another update to iTunes 6. Take care

Hi Tom

Great blog! What a great idea posting opinions and reviews from a
trucker's perspective. Which leads me to my question. I notice you
review the truck-stops you hit in your travels, would you be willing to
take a photo of your meal as well and submit it to my website?

The site is called and is dedicated to sharing food
pictures and opinions from restaurants anywhere in the world. A roving
contributor like yourself would be awesome!

I totally understand if you aren't interested in this, and if you don't
contact me I won't bother you again. I just think your photos and
opinions would be a great addition to the site.

Thanks for your time.
Eric Lowe

I thought you may enjoy this. You talk about the Media giants vs. the podcasters. Apparently a lot of others are getting concerned about the power of media giants too. I still enjoy your podcasts.

Take Care,
Jeff in Indiana

Just listened to your podcast. It was very interesting. I liked it. My self and a friend are doing one where we discuss news stories relating to body modification and pop culture. heres the link if you wanna check it out

Modified Podcast
Michael Zimmerman

Hey Tom really enjoy your podcast. Just wanted to know what is the
strangest thing you have encountered on the road while you were driving?

Vasco at

I have visited your site and think that it could be of interest to some of my site's visitors.
If you would be interested in putting a link to our site on yours, I would return the favor with a link back to your site from mine.

Please let me know if you are interested.


Curt Morehouse
The Truck Driving Jobs Website
(402) 981-6915

Thanks Traveling Tom; I am very curious about a company in Jacksonville , Florida by the name of Landstar. They supposefly are 100% Owner Operator which I find impressive that they can manage. Its odd to think of a trucking company that only owns trailers!! ha ha
I have seen there facility down there and its impressive.

Tom ,clue me in on the DAC / DAK?? How does it work? Can you get a copy of it? From what I understand from the chatters is that if you get an angry employer they can ruin you!!
What all type of info can be placed on this report??

Hello Tom-

I'm interested in getting a CDL license and wanted to know if you have an
opinion about schools, and if so is there one you recommend? If not how
would you go about getting a CDL if you were just starting out?

I look forward to hearing from you.

You have a great site!!!


Dory Schlegel

Tom: Enjoyed your discussion re videopods during the podcast. just
coincidentally I watched Fr. Rodericks two that were on iTunes of his
trip to Lourdes. They were entertaining and I look forward to more.
How did your eye exam go? Enjoy the rest of your time off.

Hi Tom,

My name is Steve Neely.
I recently read about you in the Southwest Airlines magazine.
I work for an advertising agency in San Francisco.
One of our clients is Seagate.
They are the leader in the hard drive field.
We are putting together 6-7 little films.
Two or three minutes long.
About how people use their computers (and therefore their hard drives).
We want to do a music based story.
And a photography story, amongst others.
We would love to speak with you about possibly doing a story about you and
your podcast.
These films are being made for CES - Consumer Electronics Show.
To be held in Las Vegas the beginning of January.
The gist of the story is not about Seagate hard drives.
Rather, just what you do to create your podcast.
And why you do it.
And show some of the content.
We would fly/drive out to wherever you are and talk/film you for an hour or
It would be great if we could at the least discuss this.
I can be reached at:
Or: 415-651-1216 (W) 415-302-9825 (CELL)
I have to go down to Seagate tomorrow at the end of the day to give them an
update as to where we are at (sorry about it seeming rushed - welcome to
So if you have the chance to contact me or let me know how to speak with you
it would be much appreciated.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you very much for your time.

Steve Neely

Computer Question for you. I bought the Toshiba Satilite A70....and it is over heating and shutting down all the time has this happened to the A75?...if so what did you do?

Thanks Tom

Keep Truckin


Hi Tom,

I am one of the many listeners to your podcast. I use itunes to download all the podcasts that I subscribe to but I have been unable to download anything from you since 20th October2005. I seem to remember you saying some time ago that two people could not download your podcast so I thought it was worth drawing your attention to it. I can download your podcasts from ipodder.

I live in Lenzie, Scotland. I do enjoy listening to your podcasts. I think it is worthwhile listening to the views and opinions of people who live in different countries to myself. It allows me to hear first hand what is going on in your part of the world without the media corrupting the truth to suit their own agenda, and gives an insight into other people’s lifestyles. I particularly enjoyed your comments on the New Orleans hurricane.

Keep up the good work.

Best wishes.

Brian Fyfe