Ronald Wilson Reagan -- February 6, 1911 - June 5, 2004

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I've always been very inspired by President Ronald Reagan. Watching or listening to video or audio clips of Reagan, there's some intangible quality that comes through that is very heart-warming. The very soul of this man comes through loud and clear.

It's easy to be cynical, but much more difficult to be optimistic. Reagan was one man clinging steadfastly to his principles that ended up changing the entire world as a result.

Reagan had faults, as we all do, but he is a shining example of what we should all aspire to be as individuals.

His death today, June 5, 2004, is a sad day. However his death reminds us of his life and his accomplishments. Reagan inspired so many people to come back to a belief in America and the principles that made it great. He knew that the truth was the truth, and the truth always holds great power in defeating darkness.

When I think of Ronald Reagan, a smile always comes to my face and a tear to my eye. He will always be a tremendous inspiration. Somehow he made us believe in ourselves and inspired us to take his visions and deeply-held principles as our own.